Green capture has developed a unique and powerful capture system that provides unsurpassed power and functionality. These secure stations offer image capture, editing, color management, file processing, re-touching, design capabilities, printing and file delivery. The capture stations can also be assembled on custom-built magliners with a walk-in dark tent for outdoor locations and rough terrain.

We pride ourselves on working with the best equipment available. Only the highest quality camera systems are used according to client and photographer’s needs. Our cameras offer 50, 60 or80 mega pixels of the sharpest CCD or CMOS available, handled by the best digital workflow software. This combination guarantees superior image quality, workflow, speed and reliability.
For ultimate mobility we use our custom designed laptop capture station. This station gives photographers the freedom to move practically anywhere and still be tethered to a powerful system with over 10 hours of battery life. Editing, file proccessing and re-touching are now possible anywhere with the custom lap-pod case.